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 Death Angel Daequon

My intention behind creation is to gift to those who wish to explore beyond imaginative limitation

Pebble Road


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This blog is just an expression of my interest in the idea of being, Life, & Death because they are all the same thing. I discuss a plethora of ideas that all derive from the truth of our suffering to bring understanding to our suffering in order to experience the true love that every person truly desires deep down.

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

"I am Love I say; A dualistic world of right and wrong I experience. How can I say I am love if I reject my own duality? My own right and wrong I identify within me. Must be love knows no identity... Truth be told... Love" :D


About Tyrese

"I am Love. Plain and simple. Acknowledgment & expression of my true self I experience love internally, allowing my expression to radiate love externally, therefore love reflects back at me... In My Perspective. Change in consciousness, enacts change in expression, resulting change in manifestation on all levels. I invite you to discover my journey of self Love"


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