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Discover Your Soul Through Astrology

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Many people are aware that astrology exists, but do not understand the true essence & depth of knowledge that astrology has to offer. Astrology itself is a form of divination, the practice of seeking knowledge in a supernatural way. There are many other forms of divination like norse runes, pendulum divination, coco bean divination, & so many more forms of divination, but same thing about all of them is that they all require a belief within them to actually allow for the knowledge and guidance to reveal itself to you. If you resist the belief within the guidance & knowledge being revealed to your awareness for any reason then divination will not serve your being since you have to allow yourself to believe in it.

In my perspective astrology reveals the original energies that you came into this life with, your ego's foundation. I believe it brings understanding of the energies that flows through you gives you a key to consciously unlock your subconscious patters & beliefs that limit your soul expression, true self, self love; whatever you want to look at it as because perspective is everything. I have noticed understanding your why behind why you do everything will help you understand & also trust your experiences you go experience life, that doesn't require external validation; a healthy observant perspective of your mental, emotional, & physical experiences & allowing your heart to be open to yourself & guide your own path. Through astrology you discover how different parts of yourself manifest experiences you can begin to understand how to become and alchemist of your own energy and envelope yourself in a state of true love for yourself and your own experience, transforming your negative perspective and challenges you face into the power to be you.

Western astrology primarily focuses on the sun sign that most people know themselves as; For instance I would say Pisces born on March 12th, but I know that I am more than just my sun sign because we have more celestial bodies that create the foundation of our energy & even beyond that I am more than what I even know/consciously observe truly, but astrology is a great tool to use to understand your own self/own being and how you perceive your experience.

The snapshot of all of these energies is you Birth Chart! Your birth chart is a snapshot of the universal energies based upon your time of birth, day of birth, and place(city) of birth. All of us are challenged with experiencing parts of ourselves that our ego may shy away from, but for those who desire to take a true dive into their own depth and understand the shadow within... your Birth Chart reveals your energetic perception and infinite potential that you can tap into. Now with this being said, we have to be willing to reprogram the mind because it is what makes the rational decisions within the 3D reality, but it isn't until we are aware of the social conditioning that has impacted our perspective of self that we can tap into our 5D potential & beyond that. Our reality is created based upon the perspective of self.

Every single person experiences their own subjective truths derived from their perspective of the experiences that they experience. Now it is absolutely possible that two people can experience a subjective truth and both be opposing each other because they both have different ideas. It is when we cling to our own subjective truth, belief in what appears to be happening to us, we close our minds off to being able to understand beyond the limits of our own thoughts, feelings, actions, & imagination. This is because there is an infinite nature within this universe that each one of us are a part of & your perception of your experience is a limited piece of this infinite experience we are all connected through. As I said before our reality is created upon the perspective of self. So when you make a conscious or subconscious decision to separate yourself from the collective consciousness you close yourself off to the universal love that is available to you & reduce your power to only your limited human potential. It also closes you off from being able to love others truly because there is a division between perceived self & connection to entirety of self. This results in creating resistance in your own experience often because your one perspective is not truly capable of gracefully flowing through all different elemental energies that we experience. When we open ourselves up to other perspective & perceive/choose to become part of the collective again you find yourself able to release your resistance to your experience & begin to allow life to happen for you rather than to you because you realize your role in the infinite expansion & unfolding of the universe.

Your birth chart vitally supports you own personal unfolding & supports you choosing to just be you unapologetically in a healthy & desired way. Healthy for you & the unfolding of all.