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Abundance Is A Vibration Baby!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Abundance! Abundance! Abundance! Feel the abundance of awareness, of wisdom, of appreciation, & of gratitude fall upon you! Abundance to you! Abundance to me! abundance to all! Abundance is a vibration baby!

Many of us desire to have more in life, but what about the things ya already got? How grateful and appreciative are you of your current blessings within ya life now? Are you joyous of the simple things you have in your life now?

I see skies of blue or skies of rain but laugh at the beauty of it all. Walking out in nature admiring the beauty of the tree bark & the green leaves hanging from each perfectly grown branch. Admiring the beauty of the flowing water through streams & feeling the blessing of the sun beaming down upon my blessed skin, for another moment alive is another moment to cherish and appreciate whole heartedly. Separating from the unnecessary stresses of societal life. Disconnecting from the social media, & labor, & drama, & suffering of the moment. Bringing our focus to the beauty of being! Bringing our focus to the wonderful flowers in the grass. Taking a walk outside just because the present moment alleviates all stress and worry about the past & future; Basking in the amazing energy all around us. Breathing in light love positivity harmony acceptance and release of judgement. Exhaling negative energies, resentment, judgement for being, disbelief, trauma, & pain. Inhaling growth, positivity, appreciation, joy, courage, wealth, love, abundance, vibes, healing, light, nature, blessings, gratitude, strength, knowledge, self assurance, initiative, optimism, beauty, and being!

One important point I want to make about human beings is that we are made of about 70% water by nature. If you have a still pool of water and something disturbs the water you see ripples radiate until the water settles again. Now perceiving everything that disturbs the water is everything that we consume on a physical, mental & emotional level; Everything we experience ripples through us and alters our oceans vibration over time even the small things.

Now every single word we say to others and to ourselves holds a vibrational frequency that determine how active & radiant our energy is within us. The less radiant we are within ourselves the more likely we are to search externally for the energy catalyst to support us. Personally I feel in terms of self empowerment cultivating our internal energy & beliefs about ourselves is very important. First reason is because we communicate with the universe through our vibrational frequency in everything we do, affirm(say), think, & feel. Second is because we limit ourselves from being who we desire to be because I know for a fact that we have free will & having a negative interpretation of an experience or judgement of an internal feeling, thought, or physical sensation that is negative, we have the choice to either continuously reaffirm those negative judge-mental beliefs, or we can chose to make a positive adjustment and change what we are saying to ourselves & others. This also brings into perspective the idea of being compassionate for yourself & allowing for yourself to experience the negatives, but being compassionate enough to accept that those negative parts of yourself are a part of you and to affirm to yourself energies that are in alignment as you desire to be. Where attention goes is what manifests. This is why catching yourself in a negative cycle, accepting that, and redirecting your energy is so vital to self growth because you want to redirect your attention into healthy beliefs about self & your external experience.

Personal example being when I say sorry during a conversation, but I haven't actually done anything wrong, I redirect my energy & may say something like "I do not apologize for being my authentic self" because you don't have to judge yourself for being your true self. You don't have to judge your performance, your own expression of happiness, your own being. It is only a free will choice to judge yourself for being yourself. I chose love and compassion for myself & others.

See what I mean by abundance is a vibration though? The abundance you truly desire is all within you. It is all within the vibrational frequency you hold your energy at consistently. Abundance can manifest as knowledge, material, or emotional fulfillment, but it all comes back to the truth of your own vibrational essence internally. After all the richest man in the world is the one with a balanced heart & mind.

You radiate abundance & love within your heart so much that it begins to show up all around you because you attracted the abundance, your energy didn't chase it.