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Astrology: How You Perceive Your Experience Sun - Moon - Mercury - Neptune

As I have expressed I believe in the power of understanding your birth chart/understanding yourself. Through my study & experience of observing astrology I believe that the primary placements in our birth chart that effect how we interpret our experience is the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, & Neptune. I'm going to be explaining how these placement a more in depth now.

The Sun, is the most common and most known sign because western astrology over the past 50 years has idolized the sun sign. This sign represents our ego, our core values we identify with, what makes us shine, our conscious mind & is represented by the element fire, also ruling the 5th house within the birth chart, correlating to Leo energy, & lastly it is a masculine energy. The sun is what guides us through our life; It is the light energy within our lives. Depending on your sun sign this will be the placement that actually censors your inner child because it is what you are trying to grow into and become within this life. People who embody the sun energy in a healthy way find themselves the happiest because they are living within their sun energy. Now on the other hand if someone is living within their sun energy, but neglecting other parts of themselves there is that chance that they can burn down & melt themselves or people around them because they aren't achieving their happiness/ embodying their sun energy in a healthy way. This would be due to a masculine energy or feminine energy imbalance which relates to the planets Mars & Venus; I will be talking about those two placements another time. Recapping the sun energy is the light and happiness we seek within our lives & if you are achieving the embodiment of your sun energy & maintaining alignment with yourself, you will find yourself living your best life because can't nobody take away your pursuit of happiness, but you!

The Moon is related to feelings & serves a major purpose in our lives because it represents how we feel our experience. The moon is ruled by cancer, rules the 4th house in your birth chart & represents your connection to your past lives. Since the moon has to do with feeling this also represents our intuitive nature. How we feel about our experiences holds an importance because underlying emotions about an experience directly correlate to thoughts that we are having & those thoughts that gain the most amount of attention transpire into the action we do or don't take. Depending on your moon placement you may may value a sense for your emotions or be more likely to cater to the power of the mind over feelings. Your moon placement also plays a major role in how you chose to identify yourself within this world because your entire chart is catered to every single experience you go through. So growing up in your childhood it represented how you felt within your childhood & the sort of attachment that you have to your experience of life.

The Mercury placement is a major influence in my eyes because mercury represents our mental processing/way of thinking. Mercury rules the third house, is an air element, & is ruled by gemini & virgo, which both exist within the lower mind. The lower mind has a linear logical concrete way of thinking which keeps us in a limited belief cycle if higher mind is not explored, which is ruled by Sagittarius. The higher mind is holds philosophical knowledge & expansive thinking & awareness. This allows for your to transcend your ego & tap into your intuition & access your soul. The lower mind & higher mind both serve their own purpose & being able to balance both of them allows for you to manifest in a great way because we manifest things from the mind. Your mercury placement reveals you nature of where your mental focus goes & your mental processing to your entire experience. Some placements have more difficulties than other in relation to being able to focus their attention, significance here being that where our attention goes is what we manifest.

Lastly we will be talking about Neptune. Prior to typing up this blog I didn't include Neptune within this category of how you perceive your experience. Neptune rules the subconscious mind & I do know that about 95% of our experience is built subconsciously. Looking at how our Sun energy, Moon energy, & Mercury energy all create how we perceive our experience & through out our entire lifetime our perception of experiences stick with us & define different energetic experiences that we sense. This can be practically understood as how you perceive social interactions, family interactions, friends, and literally any experience you are aware of. Bringing your awareness to conditioned experiences you have been through will bring great awakenings to parts of yourself that you have been suppressing. bringing awareness to the suppressed parts of yourself that you may or may not be consciously aware of will give you the opportunity to heal those parts of yourself by understanding why you feared that part of yourself or felt disempowered & can actively integrate that part of your being into yourself rather than judging it and pushing it away because it is a part of you.