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Astrology: Your Masculine & Feminine Influence Mars - Venus

Updated: May 11, 2021

To attain a balanced sense of being within this life time it is important to know that you have masculine & feminine energies that reside within you. In my perspective your masculine energy is your action oriented energy which resides within the physical & mental nature of being. The physical energy is used specifically to act on & manipulate the physical world & the mind is actively used to focus attention to create your reality. Secondly you have your feminine energy that is passive, inactive, & attractive. Having healthily developed feminine energy attracts energies positive and negative into your experience.When both your Mars placement & Venus placement are active within your life you are able to attract energy to you and focus your attention on the energies that serve you; cultivate your discernment for the energies within yourself & outside of yourself that serve the love vibration of you being.

Mars & Venus also refer to your sexual nature & type of partner you are attracted to. Mars refers to your masculine, lustful, sexuality, high passions & aggression. Venus refers to your desired sense of romantic love interest & sense of beauty. If you incarnated as a female in this life your Venus placement is active & your life purpose will involve activating your Mars placement & bringing balance into both your masculine & feminine energy. Same thing for men just it is the Mars placement is active & Venus is what will be activated & balanced within this lifetime. Knowing this information brings a direct correlation to why guys guys have a tendency to just enjoy the lustful nature of sex & girls have the tendency to fall in love after having sex; Although this is not always true because your Venus & Mars placement gender does effect how you experience intimacy.

Beyond sexuality both of these placements hold a great importance to our life. Embodying your Mars placement in a healthy way allows for you to assert yourself in the world in your own empowered way. Aligning your Mars energy will allow for you to defend your own sense of being on a mental & physical level from external energies you experience. Your vitality and health greatly increase when your Mars placement is balanced also. This goes for aligning all of your placements, but as you find balance within your energetic assertion you experience higher vibrational experiences that are in alignment with your vibration, because if you are achieving that balance you are healing from childhood trauma & conditioned experiences. Having a feminine mars placement simply means that when you are balanced you are in your power you do not have to go and chase opportunities, for you are meant to be more open and receptive to energies coming towards you. If you have a masculine mars you are meant to be more open to acting to create you change for yourself. No matter the placement you have for your mars, understanding the conditioned beliefs that keep you away from being within that energy so you can release it from your vibration and allow for beliefs that serve your being to take the place of the old.

Embodying your Venus brings you into an awareness of your internal energy & internal power. Your Venus placement is where your ability to create stems from, along with your ability to attract energies towards you. This is the part of your being that requires nurturing and protection from external energies by your masculine energies. When your Venus placement your energy begins to shine from the inside out because you are aware of and/or embodying the energy that generate a magnetism to your energy. Aligning you Venus in a balanced way will begin to attract positive energies and experiences that align with you and serve your optimal organic path because you have released energies & limiting beliefs within yourself that close off your receptive nature. Having a feminine Venus placement (earth or water sign) makes you very magnetic once you are empowered because you just have to open yourself up to receiving. Having a masculine (fire or air sign) Venus placement means you taking action to prioritize health in an active way & also understanding where you are focusing your energy towards. Your ability to manifest in the physical may be very strong with masculine placement; regulation of your energy and attention to give to yourself & others will support yourself greatly.

Wrapping things up, your masculine & feminine energies are very important to balance out in order to cultivate a potent energy within yourself & your Mars & Venus placements effect how both your masculine and feminine energy manifest within this incarnation. Your Mars/masculine energy represents how you assert yourself within this physical realm according to your soul & it is there to protect your feminine energy. Your Venus/feminine energy represents your receptive attractive energy within you & cultivating your feminine energy will make you more attractive to energies in general, but honing your attractive nature you can begin to attract energies that align with your desired souls path. Having a balance between both of these energies greatly support your ability to interact with every situation you encounter because you are able to embody masculine and feminine energy.

I appreciate you for reading this amazing content & may you have a blessed day you beautiful soul. :)