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Breaking The Chains Of Death

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Death! Just as beautiful as it's twin life! Death is a truth that all of us will experience. Death and life both being the two things that connect every single thing within this universe. You wouldn't be able to see the stars in the stars in the sky without the darkness surrounding them and vice versa. The great realization of our dualistic experience brings everything we possibly experience into perspective.

Long before we experience physical death we are forced to experience death; Death of our physical attachments, mental attachments, & emotional attachments Our experience of this 3D life is an ever changing cycle that never reveals its past or future to you because that all exist within the present moment. With that being said as humans we tend to have things that we regret or wish that we could change, and have things that we long for and anticipate within our own mind.

A question I want to pose here is "What do you live for?" This question holds no right or wrong answer. Many of us live for our physical, metal, or emotional attachments we experience and that is absolutely ok, like I said there is no right or wrong answers here. The point I am leading this to is that many of us do not make time to return to our own inner being. Societal mental constructs has played a role in condition us to feel the need to be doing something, that we should constantly be in action in order to create within this world, but that is not entirely the case.

The act of doing is not wrong, but there is a great facade that doing something or trying to find a solution to our problems externally will solve our internal dilemmas we experience. The act of doing or trying to solve is a manifestation of masculine energy and the act of doing absolutely nothing & resting is a manifestation of feminine energy. As I said the world has been conditioned to feel the need to be in a constant state of action and long term this leads to chronic stress because many people don't take the time to rest and rejuvenate their own energy. Often it is this place people get stuck believing they have to change external circumstances to balance their internal state.

The act of embodying stillness opens us up to awareness of the truth within us. It brings awareness to the discomforts we experience due to the life experience conditioning that we have internalized. In other words some of us have challenges embodying stillness because there are unsettled & restless parts of ourselves that we have to make peace with. The ones who are truly able to endure their restlessness and become aware that they are the observer of their experience rather than believing they are their thoughts, feelings, or physical opens us up to releasing the parts of ourselves that we previously would have rejected.

Accepting your own death I can easily say is the greatest human expression of love because that is truly letting go of control of your experience and allowing for your transformation to occur. Going back to the beginning again life and death are twins, & our survival instincts will cling to life by all means necessary even if it involves neglecting your own mental or emotional state. This is why I encourage people to desire to strengthen their connection with their inner world because besides being able to accept your death eventually, it greatly increases your understanding and perspective on life because at a certain level of understanding you realize that your perception is your own experience, positive or negative. All Love.