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Death Doesn't Wear A Mask. Do You?

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

The greatest truth all of will know is that death doesn't make exceptions for anyone when death chooses its your time. With that being said your time could be tomorrow, it could be next year, it could be any time you know? The greatest blessing any living person is blessed with is the breath of life and awareness of waking life. Waking up to another moment of life is a blessing all in itself, but the masks many of us wear keep us from seeing the that simple virtue. These masks often are hidden from us because we have hidden ourselves from the mask we believe is us; You know what I mean?

So many hold themselves back because their job requires them to be a certain way, their inherited family values keep them from expressing a certain part of themselves, the religion they follow causes them to resist the truth of who they are, they shave parts of themselves off to fit into the friend groups, lose the parts of themselves they once were because they tried to satisfy their partner; So on there are many social constructs that we commit to that aren't committed to who we are. So many masks that we will wear in order to fit within boxes and connections that one will consistently chose to attach themselves to. Before you know it you can't see reality for what it truly is because your view has been so distorted since you no longer know truly what you want for yourself & only understand how to function within the boxes and relationships you attach yourself to.

If you knew death was knocking at your door tomorrow to claim you as one of his new best friends would you know what you wanted to do with yourself until then? With that knowing of truth there are you are faced with the truth of how you have chose to live your life up until that point. Now if the time came for death and you were surprised with a second chance to continue living what would you do from that point on knowing that you were given a second chance to live?

As I said waking up and having a breath of life force is the greatest, yet most over looked blessing that all of us receive. Do you appreciate your being & respect your commitment to yourself and your own life? Moving forward what would you change about how you chose to live? What are the thing you would take out you life because they take away from your happiness? What behaviorisms would you change? Are there beliefs that your would change about yourself and how you chose to interact with other people and the world.

Now This may appear as an extremist point of view, but the truth of the matter is that death don't wait for no one when he comes to claim you as his most recent best friend & there is a reason why 99% of the people on this planet aren't satisfied with the way that they are living because they have settled within the circumstances that they have chose for themselves. Many people have succumb to the traumatic experiences gifted by their experience & they haven't given attention to heal them. This is because the greatest illusion created is that you have to solve external problems to heal internal wounds. Unhealed trauma will create feeling of needing more, more comfort, more easing of their experience, drugs to distract them from the pain, more material satisfaction, another person to attach themselves to for satisfaction, a goal to make them feel accomplished. This list could go on. The point of this blog is not to down anyone for choosing to want more because I am a person who realizes I am worthy of wanting more from life, but I always do my best to come back to the simplistic realization the breath of fresh air I get every moment is the blessing that is keeping me alive. The unhealed trauma creates bias for energetic experiences that resemble the traumatic experience from the past & as a result we become avoidant of certain feelings, thoughts, behaviors, ways of being & so on; but at the end being able to just be who you are and experience your experience for what it is beyond the trauma is a beautiful experience. Connecting back to that free inner child who is amazed by the wonder lust perspective of experiencing things.

By the end of things for yourself, would you rather say you died living for the happiness of your inner being or fitting your heart in a box that doesn't support its well being?