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Energy, Emotions, Thoughts, & Actions Through The Conscious & Subconscious

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Our expression of our reality is based upon the energies that we chose to allow in and embody. Besides our personal energetic pattern we all have there are external energies that we all encounter on different levels; any level that the mind constructs in order to sort, organize, and understand our 3D experience. To understand what this means... As humans for survival and communication we chose to identify/label things to create order in an experience of chaos without the identification, but as a perfect example here some people would identify chaos as bad, where as I chose to release identification of chaos as good or bad because there is always a time and place where chaotic energy serves its purpose for the natural unfolding of the universe; same with order. Now putting things into perspective we create our own reality based upon the identification of our sense of self consciously & subconsciously in relation to the world. If you chose to approach life in being a solid earthy manner and being able to carry great responsibility then that is your own valid approach to life. In the same token a person who approaches life in a more watery emotionally satisfying life, releasing responsibilities that aren't emotionally satisfying, then that is a valid approach also. Now the point I'm getting to is that depending on the energies you posses in your perspective, when we experience energies that are different than our own it brings on challenges and difficulties that will give you the opportunity to move beyond the limited belief of your own perspective in order to overcome the situation rather, but at the end of it we have free will and that is a choice.

Now everything I have said up until this point is important because I wanted to make it clear that at the base of our being we are energy & this greatly influences how we perceive our emotions, thoughts, and actions. Our perspective on our own emotions, thoughts and actions directly effect how we chose to express all three vehicles of expression.

Everything starts with energy that is sensed consciously or subconsciously, forming an emotional perspective on the situation consciously or subconsciously, forming thoughts consciously or subconsciously, leading to conscious voluntary or subconscious involuntary action. One thing to know is that our brain is built to forget things because if we really remembered every single thing we experience we would be overloaded with information and would struggle to function. This is why sleep and rest is important to having a balanced growth because our body and soul are nourished from that rest and care we give ourselves. With the important fun fact out the way, 95% of our reality we experience is derived from our subconscious mental programmings. This programming is habitual rituals we enact in autonomously because the energy of your childhood experiences merged with your own energetic pattern mold how you perceive your own experience. You likely may find it hard at first to pinpoint the subconscious programming you experience until you have a triggering experience that causes you to want to look inwards at the subconscious programming that is causing you to perceive reality as you do. The positive things you experience and negative things you experience in your perspective create feelings of comfort or discomfort because reality aligns or doesn't align with our perspective moment by moment.

I am a believer you are worthy of being at peace with yourself being who you want to be just as much as I am. With this though comes growth and growth requires us to nurture the truest parts of ourself and cut out the parts of ourself that are deceiving us out of the truth of yourself and our own experience. This simply starts with releasing judgement for what we see as positive or negative within yourself because that is a separation we create within ourselves. That judgement is a subconscious pattern that labels yourself as not being accepted as who you are. Your challenge you may face in doing this is that you will experience is that there are likely subconscious attachments to an experience of an emotion, thought, or physical interaction that taints your perspective of yourself. We are limitless beings in a human experience so I absolutely know what it is like to judge myself for experience I would have desired to change in the past because my thoughts &/or actions didn't align with who I felt that I was. As you discover these attachments and ask yourself why you chose to attach yourself to the experience, but this is the part that scares many people because you have to come to terms with the truth of your attachment. I personally overcome being scared of any truth that feels "dark" in my perspective is realizing that the fact that I am alive and in my time alive if I am not being truthful and honest with myself what is the point of me living? You can rationalize your reason for lying to yourself as many do, but you are making a conscious or subconscious choice to engage in your own suffering in doing so. The truth at the root of your why is what will bring you clarity on your own energy, emotions, thoughts, and actions. It is from there on that you have an opportunity to chose to uproot your truth and replant it in a different plot for yourself because you desire to relieve yourself of your own suffering. Like I said you are worthy of being at peace with self, but are you willing to discover and let go of the parts of yourself that tolerate your own suffering?