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Every Moment Is A Blessed Moment

I am a person who desires to bring my focus & attention to the present moment. To the blessing of each breath I take. Every perceive positive & negative experience I go through because it reveals to me parts of myself I once didn't perceive & allows for my to discern what I allow within my desired reality & what I don't allow within my desired reality. You have the power to chose what you will & won't allow within your internal self & what you chose to allow externally.

Many people in this world are caught up within the mental constructs/Ideas within this human autocracy that has been created. This refers the toxic idea that you have to being doing something all the time in order to exist within society, but I know for a fact in order to just exist within harmony with yourself taking time to do simply nothing is a great use of your time. It give you time to step out of becoming your experience 24/7 & allows for you to observe the truth of a situation.

Example being me creating this entire website along with the youtube channels & podcasts channels. The creation of this multimedia platform piece of my personal expression has taken me about 4 months. Starting from nothing and just a few basic ideas to having my own domain and having expressed much of myself through several different mediums of communication on these different platforms. More recently I have found myself choosing to not work on any of the projects though. Reason being is because me creating within the physical world is an act of doing & I am a human being not a human doing. So I listened to myself & my body & I said, "Ok so I'm just not going to work on my website, I'm not going to workout, I'm just going to relax & exist as I desire." So I took all the time I felt I wanted to take off & now I find myself renewed & feeling like I want to work on my creations again.

It is this toxic cycle of thoughts that many people are stuck in that they have to constantly be doing in order to create, but what are you creating within yourself when you do so? It's great to be resilient & to be able to do a lot if that's what you desire right. When you are constantly thinking of what to do you literally miss out on so many blessed breaths of fresh air because you attention isn't on your own living being. People will undermine what I just said, but I know at any moment, not any day; any moment you can die & no longer be able to do, be able to love the people you wanted to love, stop and smell the flowers, feel the physical textures you enjoy, can't taste the great food that you enjoy, can't hear your favorite music that has been created by humans or nature, & can't see the whole spectrum of colors from white to black. At any moment you lose connection with all that you have ever known, but have over looked because you were too busy worrying about what time you had to show up to work the next day. You were too busy stressing over that toxic relationship you continue to go back to. You were too busy being ambitious chasing those illusive dreams of success. But in that final moment when you meet death and stare her in her eyes you looked petrified because you never took a moment to appreciate the breath of the blessed present moment.

Separate from what you think you should be doing because you are thinking too much about how to be. Just chose to be. You are going to piss a lot of people off when you chose to be and release the connections that keep you from being & that's ok because your health is your wealth that allows you to exist in this rich present moment.

Enjoy your blessing lovely you, you deserve it, after all you are alive right now, so find you balance & just be you how you want to be & don't ever be convinced through thoughts that you can't be because your feelings will let you know if you are being or if you are too busy doing. Be with Me.