Everything Happens For A Reason

Updated: Mar 11

Undoubtably everything happens for a reason. Everyday we consciously experience things small or big & they are opportunities for us to learn about all of the different faucets that make up who we are. They give us an opportunity to just exist also I want to say because I find that to be more important than 24/7 self evaluation. Continuing though... Many people consciously or subconsciously chose to realize themselves/identify with only bits & pieces of who they are. One thing for sure is the most memorable people are the people who blossom & shine in their true light or in their beautifully decorated light. For people who shining within their true light have chose to identify as all aspects of themselves, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. I could go on forever with the duality & contrast that exist within us, but contrast is the key to growth & self realization.

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