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Feminine Energy

Every person male or female contains feminine energies within them whether they embrace or reject that truth. Some have more feminine energies than others & that's all cool. We currently live within a very emasculated world & there is a severe lack of healthily expressed feminine energy along with masculine energy, but you can't expect the world to be perfectly balance with the constant shifts in energy and everyones interpretation of the energies being so different.

First I will talk about understanding feminine energy in itself. Feminine energy is the energy of the void. This energy attracts other energies towards it. It is the chaos within order. Feminine energy is the yin energy within the yin yang dynamic. This energy is unorganized, free flowing, creative, the energy that gives birth to life, ideas & is a receptive energy. Everyone has the capability to tap into their feminine energy & attract energies in alignment with yourself. When we take a desired interest in our own energy and realize the perspective we hold & understand what we expect from our reality is the energy that we receive & perceive. What you allow yourself to believe is what you will always perceive until you chose to perceive otherwise. This is where understanding of our attachments our perspective holds play a great importance of what we attract into our life consciously or subconsciously. Taking a look at the beliefs you gathered within the first 10 years of your life bleed into your perception of your everyday life; this relates to your attachments.

When we have a healthy feminine energy we are able to attract people, opportunities, & desires that are in alignment with us easily without doing anything at all because you have cultivated your mindset & energy where you are choosing your own reality over becoming an experience. You cultivate this energy by assessing how you expect for thing to enter your life. Do you believe you have to chase to receive or do you believe you receive by just being? Do you believe you make your own decisions or are your childhood wounds making decisions for you? When you turn to your deep inner self, although it may be scarier than ever imagined, you realize soon enough that its just thoughts you are holding that make it scary. Going internally and doing the shadow work required to engage in a healthy expression of your feminine energy you find yourself working less and doing less because you are more open to receiving rather than believing you have to do to get what you want, because you realize everything you ever needed was inside of you the entire time. Meeting a person with a very honed feminine energy with a greatly balanced masculine energy, you find this person is capable of creating whatever they want because they are attracting the experiences that they want to them because they have directed their energy in a balanced way internally. These people are usually great story tellers, speakers, have deep eyes, a great imagination, are capable of creating magnificent creations within this earth plane, and are usually very loving and capable of creating great change; All because they have created the change & shift within themselves.

Your feminine energy is what connects you with your intuition & awareness beyond the 5 senses. A logical fact that is known is that us humans experience an unimaginably small percentage of what is actually happening around us at all times; given the visible light spectrum we experience is only a fraction of the wavelengths that we experience. People who are more tapped into this feminine energy are generally more in tune with their emotions & allowing them to feel the realms beyond the 5 senses/experience wavelengths beyond the 5 senses. Given the truth we live in a emasculated world currently, many of the systems that rule this world oppress intuitive knowing because there is a great control system that is based off of keeping people in a survival, lack, & strictly logical state of awareness. In this state of being you are susceptible to falling into the false light cycles and they are vicious to get out of the longer you are in them. Being tapped into your intuition you are able to move your awareness beyond logical fact & can become aware of the light that is guiding you from within over the false light all around you because lies will always surround you because you think it, but truth will always be within you feel it. False light attracts bugs and they get zapped. Overall these are earth bound demonic/3D traps that you can fall into without your personal soul compass.

Finishing this off your feminine energy is sacred and the infinite source of energy you hold within, just you must want to tap into it. Often people are experiencing their feminine energy, but are't completely aware of how to enact the energy in a healthy way because it is something that this world bury and many people don't talk about. Ensuring the health of you inner child you once embodied as a kid will be the guiding life to allowing yourself to be and not think so much about how you chose to be in general. That inner child healing is your guiding light to your infinite loving nature & and it all starts with connecting to your inner sacred feminine energy & finding that temperance between your inner self & external expression.