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Friendships of Love & Trust

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Everyone of use are blessed in one way or another, but it is up to the person to identify and realize their blessings. One great blessing I have realized is my truth I hold with myself has attracted amazing friends into my life who are truly accepting, loving, trusting, and appreciative people.

The blessing of having a true friend in your life is that they are there for you in a healthy way; support you with interactions that propel you to be your best self & calling you out when you are being negative because the world is negative enough and you are worthy of positive energy. Now this comes with some truthful challenges that you will have to confront within yourself usually because becoming your best requires letting go of your past tendencies that constrict your sense off well being in the relationship, and birth new parts of yourself that moving forward you will commit to in order to allow for yourself to be free of your challenges. Also releasing judgment of yourself and your past self if you feel you made a mistake is important, and going within and asking all the whys that are needed to get to the root of your past conditioning, pain, or trauma; uproot the self, and replant yourself in soil of positive truths you desire to be.

Now I understand all of this can be a difficult process to do alone and this is the very reason why I desire soul bonds that are based on both people focused in just being. When both parties care about both of them being their best selves an opportunity to open up to each other truthfully about challenges being experience internally, no matter how embarrassing it feels, difficult to swallow it is, or however small it may feel - you energetically are able to release the pent up energy within you and allow for the connection to support a positive replanting & future growth.

Healing self is completely possible & I am a great advocate of doing so, but when the universe sends you that soul that is meant to be in your life, that love and trust you build with someone becomes another one of the amazing blessings within your life. One things that is important to remember though is that not everyone will be there forever, & not everyone will be there all of the time although thy may be in your life longterm.

Now turning everything I said o

n its head to look at another perspective. Every relationship we have in our life whether it be with money, people, or our world around us, the healthy of the relationship is founded on our relationship that we have with ourselves. If you radiate chaos internally you will attract relationships and friendships into your life built upon that chaos. Love hate relationships are toxic for our soul but are prime opportunities of growth. For you that relationship reflects a certain part of yourself internally that is being suppressed and not being expressed. This is not always conscious that we are suppressing a part of yourself, but if the relationship leaves you with a sense of discomfort that is your opportunity to look at yourself and ask yourself why. When you get your first answer to your first why continue to ask why over and over until you truly get to the root of why you feel the way you do.

As an example my best friend Meliah is a great person, but being friends with her required me to grow and overcome limiting beliefs that created any feelings of discomfort I experienced. All of the discomfort came from a place of wanting to trust her, but I had to revisit the subconscious conditioning I have picked up from all of my life experience & that conditioning resulted in me wanting great friendships and people in my life, but I was afraid to open my heart up to people and allow them in because the interactions I had with her triggered parts of me to not believe that she was trust worthy. The entire time though she was trying to just have a pure connection and that's it. The most important part about all of this is that truly that translates to me not feeling like I could trust my own feelings, resulting in my closed off expression towards her.