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Generational Karma/Family Trauma

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

From a human perspective we all come into this world involuntary and we experience life. I simply don't agree with this perspective. The truth of your being is that you are infinite and you chose exactly when you want to come into this life exactly as you have now and your life path was decided all the way up until now also, but your destiny a resultant of your vibrational awareness. The thing about this though is not that our destiny is solidified to end one specific way, rather we have the free will to be as we desire moment to moment. Now this is an infinitely expansive idea and many people struggle to act within their infinitely expansive self because there is "karma" or energetic imbalances that have to be in order to align with your inner being that is infinite

One imbalance that we come into this life to experience is our generational karma/family trauma. It aligns perfectly with your personal energy to create experiences over time that are imbalanced and depending on how the energies are handled between the beings experiencing the trauma all together, there will be tower moments where the entire foundation of the relationship between the beings experiencing the trauma together will crumble & it will be a moment for you to reflect upon the truth of your being & how you desire to move forward with yourself. At this moment it is about releasing the parts of you that don't serve you anymore rather than choosing to cling to the relationship just because it is "family". I am not being heartless here or trying to break part families, but when you chose to respect your own energy & chose what is healthy for your being, you are enacting in the healing process for your own being & allow for a timeline to open up where your family trauma stops with you & doesn't get passed on to the next generation. This does not incline that your family will be willing to observe a different perspective on the situation as you are choosing to do when you chose to heal, but clearing the generation karma is about evolving to a higher state of understanding and being. When we chose to evolve this does not incline that everyone else around us will be evolving or changing at the same rate because that change is a choice. In most situations it is the narcissist empath paradigm where the empath cares more about the healthy well being of the other more, because the narcissist lacks a level of love for themselves on a certain level due to the conditioning that they have allowed to be their experience & choosing to heal means reliving that pain entirely & most narcissist won't face themselves for that reason. Until the empath choses to detach and show love & compassion for their own being because every being is equal & that is a fucking fact; The transformation of the truth will unveil itself as the empath is true to their own energy & the narcissist will be forced to face the truth of the reality until they chose to face their own suffering & understand their suffering & hopefully sed that they don't have to live in that suffering, for it is a choice. Transformation takes time, energy, and determination because you will experience external energies that reject the internal change before it is experienced externally so ensure to give yourself the time & patience needed to overcome the difficult situation because you are worthy of loving yourself just as much as you love or cling to the toxic situation.

The generational karma experience carried through your family is an attachment challenge that your family has a trend of experiencing over and over until one person choses to get to the root of the challenge as they become aware of it & replant their on perspective of their life experience in a healthier pot of energy for themselves. As an example my family has experienced a sever lack mentality that has stifled our ability to create the life for ourselves that is satisfying on a practical level, emotional level, mental level, and spiritually evolving. This isn't because the people are bad people or anything, it is just there are experiences that they have been through they have't completely healed from which put limitations on how we perceive our reality. I personally have chose I am going to be the one to break the generational curses my family experiences & I will take it to the furthest extent because I am allowed to do so. I chose so. I chose my own reality & I chose to leave that lack mentality in the past because I no longer chose to tolerate my soul's suffering & I chose to express my limited infinite nature. I know for myself choosing to express my absolute truth will bring the greatest amount of change within this life time because I realized the disempowerment in believing those limiting beliefs. I chose I am beyond those beliefs. I chose I am infinite. I am the creator of my reality. I know that I was... before I existed here on this earth plane so chose to perceive I am infinite. I am here to experience that internally and allow for that to reflect externally back at me to prove to myself I am allowed to be whoever I want to be. I want to be infinite because I am.

Now all generational karma is built upon limiting beliefs that create an experience for ourselves that limits the possibility to express a deeper level of our infinite truth, but whatever level of understanding you find yourself at is a version of your infinite self so accepting yourself for who you are currently & all that you have chose to be in the "past" are still you & that is absolutely ok! The limiting beliefs you experience are formed through conditioned experiences that you were destined to experience. As you become conscious of your conditioning, an altering in expression can occur, resulting in a new manifestation of your reality. Awareness of self is the first step to unlearning yourself & remembering who you are. :)

Bask in this blessed present moment you beautiful soul. Thank you