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Giving Yourself What You Want Because Nobody Else Can Give You What You Want!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Through my understanding of astrology I came to the realization of the type of experience that I desire for myself in a simple way is an emotionally satisfying experience with a passionate spark consistently and in a stable way. I derive this relatively concrete information from the sun, moon, mercury, venus, & mars placements within my natal chart.

Taking another perspective here, it is important that you know what you want from your own life. A logical way to approach this in my eyes is to chose to become aware of the things within your experience that you do not want within your experience & allow that to make you aware of what you do want. You don't appreciate how your friend is treating you? Release those friends and put energy into yourself. You don't appreciate the negative thoughts you experience? Discover the root reason why and chose to release that root thought and replace it with a root thought that would serve you in a healthy and positive way. You don't appreciate the current state you experience at your job? Discover your true reason deep down why. Are you creating this experience of suffering from your own internal judgement or is the situation toxic for your true self? Discover you internal truth of any situation for why you are experiencing your suffering and chose to release negative energies internally and chose to make a positive perspective change that aligns with what you want.

We all experience free will and we can chose to give ourself the experience or happiness we truly desire, because there is nothing external of your mind body and soul that can truly give you the experience you desire. You have to chose to give yourself the experience you desire or you will always feel like you are lacking something; Lacking love, lacking money, lacking freedom, lacking trust, lacking joy, lacking appreciation, lacking anything it will always feel you are lacking something, but that is because you desire something that you have to give yourself first before going outside of yourself for the trie experience of what you desire. When you give yourself that internal experience you send out a universal vibration that attracts what you are expecting. When you don't give yourself that experience you desire you send out a universal vibration that attracts the lack that you experience, & it will be your own suffering that you experience until you shift your internal vibration & expectations for what you will be when experiencing anything.

A practical way to look at this to discover how you feel about social interactions with people? How do you feel and think about the idea of talking to a random person? It is this expectation that you hold for social interactions that is sending off a vibration to the universe and attracting situations of equivalent vibration to you. This is how you subconsciously create your own reality for yourself. The subconscious programming that sends off vibrations to the universe every moment & you attract what you give off. Now as you begin to become conscious of your vibration you give off about anything you can understand the expectations that you are holding for yourself and the world around you will create your own suffering or allowance as your experience unfolds. Discover for yourself what you are attracting and chose to become what you want to attract, not just know it.

Now to recap a little bit when you chose to give yourself the desired experience you want at the root of your being and not just your conscious self, then you will begin to radiate a vibration that will attract all that you want at the root being of yourself. As you nurture the parts of yourself that serve you and release the parts of yourself that do not sere you, your vibration will begin to shift and with time the reality externally you desire will also begin to manifest.

Thank you for reading you beautiful soul : ) Take pride in your own energy and appreciate yourself. Have a good day!