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Why Would I Wonder? Why have you also if you are here too?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022


My name is Star Wanderer.

Pleasant for the curious nature of yours to have lead you down your illuminated path to this present word you are reading. Grateful I am for your time & attention.

The most valuable resources in this age of information. Time & Attention. Yet I am the conscious wanderer. I Allow myself to wander and show up exactly how I need to for my relation with myself, with other beings, with different energies, with different ventures and endeavors. I wander with the intention of listening. Listening to hear the silence speak to me.

And I Wander.

Illuminations occurs. My mind reveals the truths of me.

"I want to see you more."

"That feels good!"

"We can change the perspective just a bit and..."



Thoughts are not me I know. I simply wander by the thoughts and give allow them to connect and light up connections as they show. Boom! Expanded insight,; understanding, clarity, truth. Logical expression of my being now.

I believe that love is the fundamental life force that holds together everything, including the things that our mind choses to perceive as separate from oneself. I experience a level of for my soul where I chose nurture & care for my physical vessel, emotional vessel, and mental vessel out of desire to express my infinite nature through my limited expression & I desire to inspire you to do the same. The nurturing of these vessels allows for you overcome and deal with the challenges and hardship of life in a healthy and loving way with absolute love for yourself because when you understand how to release the beliefs that misalign your perception to your souls desired experiences. The greater significance of consistently experiencing this state of being is that it allows for the parts of yourself that no longer serving your purpose to crumble gracefully and to rebirth new versions of yourself that replace your toxic roots that with more stable & aligned beliefs that allow you to be you. As you get into the flow of this process according to your own soul you will feel your vibration raise and quality of experience internally and externally increase & you likely won't chose to descend again because you understand your own suffering you go through.

“Everyone is capable of creating a desired state of being within themselves that will be reflected back through their environment with consistent action, vision, and growth.”

All of us have and infinite amount of things in common with each other; It is the ego that we experience as a part of this dualistic human experience, that creates divisio