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I Am The Devil's Advocate. God And The Devil Are Just Two Extremes & I'm Neutral

Today's society tries gravely to create people who reach for the bare minimum. Many of us have been conditioned to try to be a good person. Being a good person under any social construct limits the allowance of what you are allowed to be within your own mind; Reason being, commonly people judge themselves step outside of that perceived "good person" identity or even desired way of being. Me being "the devil's advocate" within this situation I realize that expansion of the mind only comes when I am able to step outside of my restrictive judgements I hold for myself & realize there is a great amount to be learned from being the devil's advocate in the situation. As I chose to allow and understand & integrate the shadow aspects that I become aware of when I step out of that desired state of being I can expand my own being and embody the truth of who I am more over restricting myself to the one desired way of being. I discovered that allowing for me to be both " a good person" & " a bad person" I am able to experience being human, being imperfectly perfect, & break away from the toxic situations & cycles that choosing to be a good person would keep me trapped in. It's quite powerful in my perspective being able to be neutral over choosing the extreme of god or the devil, being "good" or being "bad." It's a rather wholesome feeling.


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Undoubtably everything happens for a reason. Everyday we consciously experience things small or big & they are opportunities for us to learn about all of the different faucets that make up who we are.