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Reason I Dislike Making Promises

I am a person who is a free spirit and I desire to live in the present moment & listen to my feelings of comfort because I have experienced being trapped within beliefs of trying to make others feel comfortable. One way I have made others feel comfortable is by making a promise or commitment to something that I didn't entirely feel comfortable with because I desire to commit to things that I want to do.

With this being said I am also a person who is highly aware of how I feel and allow my instinctual feelings to guide me. With this being said when I am asked to promise something it challenges me at times because I have a belief if I chose to follow my feelings & I feel I shouldn't keep true to the promise I would fear I will let someone else down. For me it was just a trigger of feeling uncomfortable expressing my truth because deep down I feel I wouldn't be accepted for me being me and following my truth. Overcoming this I realize I just chose to express my truth unapologetically because if I can't just be me around you, why do I want to be around you?

Now on a different sort of note... promises we make literally "spell" us when we say yes or commit to a promise. Anyone who continuously commits to making promises that truly in their heart they don't want to commit to are putting continuous mental strain on themselves and literally creating a reality for themselves that is completely split from who they are. Your decisions & actions not aligning with your inner truth, creating a split. These promises could be anything from a personal relationship, work relationship, or even a family relationship. This breeds deep resentment for self because we aren't choosing things that are healthy for ourselves and our soul. This results in a negative relationship with self, leading to a negative relationship with the world outside of self.

A way to overcome this difficulty is literally choosing to make commitments to yourself and your own health. Choosing to only accept offers & make promises that you want to keep, even if that means making no promises or commitments to anyone or anything in your life because it is vital for your own being to be loyal and faithful to you own self. Creating a truthful commitment to yourself you open yourself up to aligning with your divine being ever more so. Now this isn't an easy thing to do logically because usually when you realize your unhealthy commitments this opens you up to a massive spiritual awakening and you will begin to experience the dark night of the soul. This is a period of time where you become more vibrationally aware consciously or subconsciously & you begin to shift from the 3D to the 5D. As this happens you may experience resistance to the transformation because all relationships you had outside of yourself that were in alignment with your 3D self, but are no longer in alignment with you as you shift into your 5D self will crumble quite literally. If this seems scary by any means, discovering what your attachment style is because this can help you release the resistance to your experience & transformation.

Selecting that pace you desire to transform at is also very important because everyone transform within their own time. You are always exactly where you are meant to be, based upon the awareness you had & allowed within all moments of existence to make the decisions you made up until your moment of existence you presently exist in. You are exactly where you are meant to be. You chose how fast and how long it took to transform into the person you are in the present moment, so you have time to transform yourself into a brand new form of self. Many people create resistance to transforming because they are in such a place of suffering & can't see the value in the low they have landed themselves in. The lower the trench the higher the peak. It's beautiful to realize your ability to transform yourself if you start by doing a little bit at a time, because soon enough you will have done more than you realized. Showing gratitude & appreciation for all of the small moments will make the less comfortable times & more comfortable times that much greater of an experience because you can realize the value in them more.

A healthy commitment to self equates to creating a healthy commitment to other people and the world around you because you have boundaries that protect your energy and allow for healing to occur while maintaining the relationships that you desire. The relationships that can't stand your boundaries you hold for yourself simply no longer align with the truth of your awakened self. As you release the situations, commitments, & people within your life that don't serve you and your desired boundaries, you make space for loving and healed relationships & commitments to enter your life. There is love that can be found in the choice to attachment & detachment. Choosing to continuously attach to commitments & relationships reveals trauma & fear behind the idea of detachment. Choosing to continuously detach from commitments & relationships reveals trauma & fear behind the idea of attachment.

Be gentle with your growth transformation of self on an emotional level, mental level, & physical level. I love you & thank you for reading! :)