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Reason To Honor Your 3 Gates Of Truth

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Honoring your three gates of truth is important to the truthful expression of your soul. These three gates are your physical body, mental body, and emotional body. These three gates make up the manifestation of your inner world and external world, positive or negative. As humans all of us are gifted with free will; "do you let negative energies overcome your own respect and love for your health?"

Everyday everyone is challenged with temptations, people, and experiences that are not in alignment with our true desired state of being. In achieving any desire state of being I have awareness of the fact that you have to balance out feminine and masculine energies within yourself in order to bring balance to your gates you exist as. In the process of consciously balancing these energies your attention will be guided to your mental, physical, and emotional attachments.

Imagine you have $84,600 and someone takes $10 from you and they run off. Are you going to spend the other $84,590 on getting that $10 back? This is an analogy for the amount of seconds within a day. I believe being present means choosing to exist and be present moment. This includes releasing the attention given to past situations and the attention given to the future, more known as being stuck on a past situation or being anxious for what is to come.

One thing that is important to me when assessing the health of my three gates bringing my awareness back to the truth that I am only the observer of these three gates. My own being is not my mind, not my body, and not my emotions. These three gates are how your infinite self is expressed & when you can create a space within yourself where you are observing these three gates you can observe when they are not aligned or when they are aligned.

I am currently at a place with myself where I just observe the feelings of discomfort, thoughts of discomfort, and the physical discomfort that I experience at times. Since I am a person who enjoys observing and learning I chose to treat these three gates with love and be open to observing the absolute truth of all of these gates so that I can make choices and decisions to align these gates, and release the parts of myself I chose to no longer tolerate since they are having me unaligned. This idea can be portrayed as letting go of a comfortably addictive relationship with a person, place, thing, thought process, or anything you can have a relationship with outside of and within yourself.

This is why upholding absolute truth with yourself when you observe the relationship with yourself, your three gates, and the 3D experience you interact with, because when we continue to engage in unaligned relationships we hold ourselves back from ever being who we truly are. That continuous engagement is tolerating your own suffering you chose for yourself as much as it may feel like you don't have freedom or a choice in a situation. Know that you chose your own freedom and if you never free yourself of the relationship with yourself that no longer aligns with you and the relationship with your experience that does not align with you, you are restricting yourself from experiencing your own true freedom.