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Releasing Mental Constraints In The Name Of Self Love

Updated: May 25, 2021

If one desires to ever make true long lasting pure changes within their life awareness of the truth that we create our own reality is important. I believe in the fact that love is the binding force of all positive and negative energy within the reality we experience. Positive and negative here does not mean good and bad, rather is represents the duality of our human experience; Light and darkness, life and death, as above so below, as within as without, etc...

When you dive into your own definition of love for yourself that is the foundational structure for how you perceive your own reality, build your reality, think your reality, feel your reality, act within your reality, & so on. Now when you ask other people their definition of love you can see how this would create such differing perspectives and outlooks on life based upon the life experiences we have all experienced, paired with our foundational energies that create our own individual being.

Currently there is still a great amount of people within the collective that don't actively chose to become aware of the reason why they perceive the world as they do. All of are receptive to different versions of social conditioning and this alters our perspective of how we should be, how we should act, how we should think, and how we should feel. One important thing for you to know here is what conditioning really is though. The human part of our being is a very minuscule part of this entire universe; so small we would spend an overly strenuous amount of energy trying to even discover how minuscule our own human being is and the truthfully little amount of physical control our human self has over our experience. Within the next moment we are capable of having our sense of "life" stripped from us and to many that is scary because they can't perceive anything beyond that with the 5 sense. Our 5 sense also only pick up on far less than 1% of what is actually happening around us at all times. Now going back to conditioning, it is the mental constructs that are created to give us a sense of structure and allow for us to create and "maintain" the order of the world we live in, but like I said earlier our experience is dualistic & the twin to order is chaos. This is why people who can't be understood by others are crazy! I take it as a compliment personally ;)

Now with the combination of or minuscule physical control over our experience of our 3D reality and our desire to keep order on a large scale there are a bunch of rules, ideas, beliefs, laws, & so on that are in place to uphold the order. All of those perspectives that are pushed in order to "maintain" order are mental constructs. Now just as much as this is practiced all throughout different social constructs like a country, city, family, all the way to a friend group... Every single person is the reason they see the world how they do. They will create a set of mental constructs consciously that become their subconscious programming overtime that effect the way that they perceive the reality that they experience. Along with this overtime we are prone to experience mental breakdowns and grand amounts of suffering all due to the fact that the true nature of our reality is that it is ever changing whether we like it or not & sometimes the truth of our perspective is so far from the truth of the reality of the energy we are experiencing that it causes discomfort no matter how grand or small the discomfort.

With this being said I want to take your attention back to your definition of love. You mental construct you created about your definition will define how you chose to interact with yourself and treat yourself in every moment. For myself I chose to be the observer of my own self and what I experience because that allows for me to realize the mental constructs I have created for myself that hold me back from being able to experience the true bliss & and love for all of my experiences I go through positive or negative. Like I said to you before love is the binding for of our dualistic experience and what you chose to identify with is what will create your perspective of positive and negative within your own reality.

Moving away from the explanation of how our perspective effects our interpretation of our experience I want to make another point I feel is important here. All of us have the free will to be what we want, how we want, for whatever reason why we want to be that way. I desire to just be myself truly, however I feel expressing myself, because that is what brings me the most expansive and aware experience that raises my level of understanding for everything that happens within me and outside of me, but the one thing that many people can't truly understand since they don't consciously experience it is that the everything that happens within you is what is outside of you. Our own reality is created upon our own perspective of reality.

Are you interested in discovering your true self beyond the 5 senses? Are you interested in your infinite nature? Are you interested in releasing the mental constructs that prevent your own experience of your infinite self that is one with everything? If so don't look outside of yourself for answers, explore your inner world you ever blossoming beautiful one.