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Soul Communication Through The Body

Today I found myself meditating and using intention healing while in my bath to heal my left leg because several days ago I sprained my leg I’m sure of. I was in a splits stretch with my left leg forward and right way backwards. It was my second time stretching during my workout because I felt it was necessary for my body on this day since I didn't feel completely right; As I am lowering myself into the split I reach the ground and begin to lean forward slightly to reach for my toe and then experience a pop at the ball socket of my left leg that shoots to the back of my left knee. It was a relief of pressure built up for sure, but I believe it over extended the tendon in the moment of the pop, so that turned out to be the end of my workout after I realized what had happened & how I felt. This isn‘t the first time I have experienced trauma within my left leg. In childhood I sprained my left ankle, had a fibular collateral ligament sprain(outside knee) sprain in high school, to a hamstring tendon sprain I believe during the described experience above. While taking my approach to rest and regeneration I decided to take an epsilon salt bath, listen to a 285hz frequency for root chakra/bodily tissue healing, and meditate. During the meditation focused my attention to the points within my leg to focus the energy healing. As I was in the meditation my mind had traumas and thoughts come up about current life circumstances I have been experiencing recently & childhood trauma that I am aware of. I study astrology and experience astrology in sync with my life in an immensely aware way. Now each zodiac has a correlation to certain area of the body. The legs/knees and bones correlate to the sign Capricorn. Through astrology my life’s greatest wound to heal correlates Capricorn energy, but in my life particularly manifest having difficulty having a stable friend group or community that I feel has true purpose within my life path & can understand my depth. From a human perspective this is due to my childhood and up bringing of isolation and not feeling like I could express my truth to my parents; Resulting in my subconscious projecting that if I can’t trust my parents to notice my emotional experience since I didn't feel that I could express them, I made the decision to internalize much of my experience & deal with things on my own. Now this also manifested as me not being noticed by many as I grew up because I didn’t feel noticed in my household due to more of a material focus over an emotional focus and in turn I didn’t feel confident to be noticed by others. After I came out of the meditation I was wondering why it was brought to my awareness all of the trauma I experienced and then it hit me that the injury was directly correlated to the manifestation of my thoughts. The left side of the body connecting to the emotional aspect of my experience & with the Capricorn energy - me carrying the burdens of my feelings & not expressing them through an outlet properly to release the energetic burden. The childhood trauma was triggered after meeting a certain person and in turn that caused my physical body to be more susceptible to bone injury or knee injury.

With this experience alone it has brought to my awareness the importance of taking time to relax the mind & truly listen to your signs within you body when you experience them. Disease & injuries are a manifestation of negative thought patterns consciously or subconsciously. Many people when injured think that something is "wrong" and that they need to fix themselves, but it is truly a call for you to listen to your soul. The soul communicates through the body, alike to how you experience your intuition. Often time when we receive an injury it is a sign from the universe to slow down & review aspects of ourselves that are out of balance & to implement a way to clear your energy so your body recovers healthily, but more importantly you heal the deeper aspects of your mind so your soul can express itself within you life more & can align you with the path of least resistance. No injury is a negative thing if you choose to look at it as so.