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Understanding The Birth Chart & Empowering Yourself Through Love

The birth chart is a representation of your energetic expression within this world. It describes your souls path throughout this lifetime I personally believe. Astrology is the study of the mystical nature of the stars which inclines that there is an intellectual knowing & understanding of the mystical meaning of the stars. When I am reading birth charts I allow for more of an intuitive reading where I am listening to my intuition & combining the intellectual knowing to bring forth a more powerful & empowering reading.

Looking at a birth chart at first glance for sure there doesn't appear to be much there, but there is a grand amount of information, understanding, & questions that can be answered through looking at your birth chart. Your birth day is important because that is the day specifically we are looking at so we can see where the planets were transiting, planets appearing to be at in the sky according to our observations from earth. Next is the time of birth that is important because every two hours there is a shift in the dominant astrological energy & being as specific as possible with your birth time down to the minute brings greater clarity on your own personal chart. Lastly your city of birth is important because that will be the point on earth in which the stars are being viewed from. Your birth place is the portal through which you entered the world in. To clear up any misconceptions about portal/vortexes, a portal is created every single time you speak, do anything, think anything, or feel anything.

Each planetary placement within your chart represent a specific aspect of you & the house that it is placed in brings more meaning to the placement. Many people are aware of their sun placement only & this is highly deceptive to your own being because your being is more than just your sun sign. When you are in balance within yourself & you are vibrating at a high vibration your sun sign will show greatly & you will radiate energy. When in balance within your own energy you attract great things into your life & the negative energies, people, & opportunities all fall out of your life with ease because you are in alignment with yourself.

I am not going in depth on all of the planets & the houses within this blog, but through understanding the aspects of yourself that are shown within your chart brings immense amount of clarity on deep insecurities we hold, trauma, conditioned experiences, our gifts, how we perceive the world, how to navigate your own personal experience, how you grow and love yourself, & so many more things right. Ultimately it gives you clarity on why you should be truthful and open to stepping outside of your self held limiting beliefs because it is an indicator of if you are allowing your soul to unfold or if you are limiting yourself to be less than you are worth truly; Which you are worthy of love and appreciation of yourself entirely for who you are and to be surrounded by people who see you for who you are and love you for who you are.

As you become conscious of how & why certain aspects of yourself show up as they do in your day to day life you are able to change the beliefs that you hold for yourself that limit you from being you. Each zodiac holds a certain element & masculine or feminine quality to them. With this being said many people do not experience a balance energy field & have to discover and understanding to balance out their energies to maintain a steady healthy sense of functioning. This reveals how you find difficulties in day to day situations because energy is constantly shifting & finding your own understanding for yourself &the energies that you experience will help overcome the more challenging times & energies to focus your attention towards things internally & externally that serve your own well being.

Health is wealth at the end of the day & if you desire anything, understanding how to maintain a balanced vibration within yourself will support your steady growth & open you up to receiving all of your hearts desires.

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