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Us Hueman Beings Are Beyond The Observable

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

The human being is a temple that has an immense amount of capabilities & potential to be explored beyond the physical nature of our being. For one I believe greatly in my truth that I/we are vibrational beings and we attract to us what our energy gives off. So the type of person you chose to be is the type of people and situations you will attract to you. Everyone is a reflective mirror back at you that you can learn from. Along with this there are energy centers within us that store different types of energy that we are capable of storing and using. Many people know these centers as the chakra system.

The most common known chakras are the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. Each one of these chakras have to be open from the bottom up to be able to have a healthy balanced energy system and to be active in order to serve their own purpose. When the chakras are open energy flows fluidly & energy doesn't become stuck within the system, causing blockages & experiencing dysfunctions within any level of your beingIn this blog I am going to explain just the basics of the chakras within this blog.

The root chakra represents our physical body, survival needs, foundation, home, & sense of being grounded. When the root chakra is unbalanced you experience anxiety. An unbalanced root chakra can be due to many thing like not having a stable home situation, always being on the go and never taking time to settle, or living by beliefs that do not serve your being. There are plenty of reasons and toxic/energetically unbalanced situations within society & the earth plane that cause people to be ungrounded & unstable. When grounded you experience being a sense of ease and safety within yourself & your environment. Fear is the greatest block to the root chakra.

The sacral chakra represents your innate desire to be and emotions. From the sacral chakra you birth ideas and creations. An out of balance sacral chakra can manifest in many ways; some being having an over excessive amount of desires or having no personal desire. When you are consistently changing up what it is that you want you never make it to the manifestation of a certain desire. Having no desire is a result of a blocked root chakra usually or having the sacral chakra blocked by feeling guilt for desire.

The solar plexus chakra represents your willpower to pursue desired state of being & your mental body/mind. An unbalanced solar plexus manifests as person being overly arrogant and prideful to the point of ignorance of different perspectives or as not having the will to act on what you desire for yourself. Once again having a stable root chakra is important because if you don't have a proper foundation, but you are willful to act on everything you will never be able to act in a grounded way. Doubt in one's ability & low-self esteem block the solar plexus.

The next chakra is the heart chakra. This is the gate between the lower self(root, sacral, solar plexus) to the higher self(throat, third eye, crown). The heart chakra is the gateway to the soul & is the greatest vortex to manifest from because it is powered by love. Love is the binding energy of everything within the universe. When you are in the vibration of love you are connecting your lower self & higher self. A closed off heart chakra manifests as a person experiencing inability to move on from past situations & forgive others. As the emotions become cut off you lose the ability to love or show compassion for others. An open heart space allows for a person to move on from situations that no longer serve them through showing themselves compassion & forgiving and showing others compassion.

The throat chakra is the chakra of expression. The throat is how we speak our reality into existence. An unbalanced throat chakra manifests as inability or struggles expressing one's thoughts or truth, relying on deceit and lies more & more. A balanced throat chakra manifests as a person being able to speak their truth & in the vibration of love for optimal manifestation. The throat is very powerful because what we express outwardly is heard by our inner being and we become what we express. So if you lie your inner being becomes a lie, and if you speak truth your inner being becomes true.

The third eye chakra is likely the most well known commonly. It specifically relates to being able to see beyond illusions of the 3D world. The third eye connects with the energy around you beyond the observable reality. An unbalanced third eye manifests in a person not being able to gain understanding for their own experience & or suffering. Only being able to observe with the 5 senses what is happening in front of them, but not see the bigger picture of what is happening & the cycles that is being engaged in. A balanced third eye is able to detect negative energies and cycles that are occurring within one's experience. One is able to understand the reason of their suffering and is able to apply that knowledge in conjunction with their lower self to desire a new reality and act upon the necessary changes to stay grounded and stable, while maintaining the vibration of love and truth.

Lastly is the crown chakra and this chakra represents your connection to your higher self and the universal light that flows through you. This chakra allows for a divine knowing & knowledge to support you in your experience. An unbalanced crown chakra manifests as having controlling tendencies & thought patters that envelope us in negative thought patterns, unhappiness, & stress. A balanced crown chakra brings an inner knowing that everything is unfolding as it is meant to for you, leaving you in a vibration of peace & you have a clear perspective to exist within.